Blue is a song inspired by a letter written to a teenage girl that David Zach met while working with The Exodus Road in Asia in 2020.  

"As part of a debriefing process, operatives will often write letters to…


51 Recent Rescues : Over 60 Traffickers Arrested

The Exodus Road teams in Thailand, India, and Latin America recently participated in the freedom of 51 survivors of trafficking - we also helped take over 60 traffickers off the street. We celebrate each rescue we participate in by writing…

Living Room Anthology, Vol. 1


This is the first Volume of the Living Room Anthology. These songs were given a new birth during the 2020 shelter in place evening livestream concerts. 

From the living room of David Zach using a microphone, a CP70b…


Prisoners of Hope: Installment 3 : Throne

Listen to these amazing voices of people from around the world - separate and together in quarantine.  Corey and Kari Horn, Dave and Nicole Mohr, Philip Zach, Tim Buell, David and Anna Zach with their kids Jack Ava and Stella…


Germany and South Dakota

We are heading back to Germany for our fifth time and back to South Dakota for our thousandth.  Please come out and sing with us! 

10.11 Sioux Falls, SD 

10.12 Yankton, SD 

10.13 Sioux Falls, SD 


This summer has been so inspiring.  We're meeting people all over the United States that are working towards freedom, justice and mercy.  We've played at several festivals and events that have used their platform to shine a light on human…



6.8 Skyview Park - Norfolk, NE  

6.14 Kingdom Come -Greentown, IN  

6.27 Creation Fest - Shirleysburg, PA  

6.28 Creation Fest - Shirleysburg, PA  

7.26 Joshua Fest - Quincy, CA  

7.27 Bash@CR - Cedar…